Rare Birds
A wide range of original music for baryton and soprano, with 18th century solos from the collection at Schlägl in Upper Austria, concert arias by Fux and Ariosti, a charming set of 19th century songs by Vincenzo Hauschka and two new works commissioned by the Ensemble.

The Hauschka Ensemble
Jeremy Brooker (barytons) and
Marie Vassiliou (soprano) with
Joanna Levine (cello and violone)

Review of Rare Birds

Rare Birds is the name of the new recording by the Hauschka Ensemble, and refers to the principal work on the disc; a truly remarkable setting for soprano and baryton by the British composer Stephen Gibson of an original text by Brooker himself.

Rare Birds describes, in words and music, the tragic fate of the last living representatives of various species of birds which have become extinct. The performance of the piece, made even more intense through the formidable accomplishment of the singer, depends on the personality and unique talents of Jeremy Brooker. For him, there are no successors in sight. It is to be regretted that this rare bird, too will one day take his song with him to the grave, and it is to be feared that such witty and imaginative music will likewise become extinct with him. Let us enjoy it while we can!

José Vázquez
Viola da gamba

Queer Fish
Première recordings of original baryton music by Joseph Haydn. Four Duets for two barytons. Twelve Cassation Pieces for two barytons and basso. Deutschlands Klage, with a new baryton obligato written for the Ensemble by Peter Holman.

Haydn and the baryton

The greatest composer to write for the baryton was Joseph Haydn, who wrote more than 120 trios for baryton with viola and cello. These master works have been widely performed and recorded. His works for baryton duet are much less well known. The Hauschka Ensemble is the only group in the world who perform this repertoire. All four duets (three reconstructed for the Ensemble by Jeremy Brooker) and the 12 Cassation pieces for two barytons and cello.

Jeremy Brooker and Roland Hutchinson (barytons) with Marie Vassiliou (soprano) and Richard Tunnicliffe (cello)

To Order

Both these CDs are available direct from the Hauschka Ensemble. Please send a sterling cheque for £13.00 (£14.00 outside UK) made payable to
Jeremy Brooker
c/o The Hauschka Ensemble
24 Holmesdale Road
London N6 5TQ
United Kingdom.

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